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NAMHC’s Neurodevelopment Workgroup Roster

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Pat R. Levitt, Ph.D. *
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and
Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for
Research on Human Development
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
John S. March, M.D., M.P.H. *
Professor of Psychiatry
Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC
B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
Director, Sackler Institute
Sackler Professor of Developmental Psychobiology
Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neuroscience
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
New York, NY

F. Xavier Castellanos, M.D.
Brooke and Daniel Neidich Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Director of the Phyllis Green and Randolph Cõwen Institute for Pediatric Neuroscience
Director of Research
NYU Child Study Center
Professor of Radiology
NYU School of Medicine
New York, NY

John H. Gilmore, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Vice Chair for Research & Scientific Affairs
Department of Psychiatry
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC

Raquel E. Gur, M.D., Ph.D. *
Director, Neuropsychiatry Section
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

Martha E. Hellander, J.D. *
Founder, Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
Wilmette, IL

René Hen, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology in Psychiatry and in the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior
Director of the Division of Integrative Neuroscience Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute
New York, NY

Dilip V. Jeste, M.D. *
Ester and Estelle Levi Chair in Aging
Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences
Department of Psychiatry
University of California, San Diego
VA San Diego Healthcare System
La Jolla, CA
Michael Meaney, Ph.D.
James McGill Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology and Neurosurgery,
Director, Program for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and Environment
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D.
Children's Hospital Boston
Developmental Medicine Center
Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience
Boston, MA

Daniel Pine, Ph.D.
Chief, Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience
Chief, Child and Adolescent Research in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program
National Institute of Mental Health
Bethesda, MD

John L. R. Rubenstein, M.D., Ph.D.
Nina Ireland Distinguished Professor in Child Psychiatry
Nina Ireland Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology
Center for Neurobiology and Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
University of California at San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Regina Sullivan, Ph.D.
Department of Zoology
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK

Yi Eve Sun, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
UCLA Medical School
Los Angeles, CA

The asterisks (*) indicates members of the National Advisory Mental Health Council.