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Posts about Global Mental Health

Suicide: a Global Issue

Dr. Insel discusses a newly released World Health Organization World Suicide Report, an overview of the impact of and factors involved in suicide globally and strategies for preventing suicide.

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Mental Health in Davos

From the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Insel reports that there was notable attention paid to mental health at this year’s meeting. He explains the interest of both developing and developed countries in preventing and treating mental illness.

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The Global Cost of Mental Illness

World Economic Forum report projects staggering costs of non-communicable diseases including mental health.

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Mental Health: Think Globally, Act Locally

Global commonalities represent an opportunity for us to learn from the experiences in other countries or among other cultures to help improve mental health care in the U.S.

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Disorders Without Borders

NIMH is increasing its commitment to global mental health.  The Institute is already invested in research around the globe.  In 2009, NIMH supported nearly 200 grants in 51 countries.  Our portfolio has included AIDS prevention in sub-Sahara Africa, studies of autism in Saudi Arabia, and research on mental health systems in Chile.  With such a broad international portfolio, so many unmet needs for mental health research in the United States, and so little new money available for research, why would NIMH want to invest more globally?

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