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Posts about Imaging

BRAIN – Creating the Next Generation of Tools

The BRAIN Working Group unveiled an extraordinary report last week, providing a 12-year roadmap for the development of a new generation of neuroscience tools. Dr. Insel discusses how their vision provides hope for preventing and treating brain diseases and disorders.

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Open Data

Dr. Insel talks about the value of data sharing and collaboration to promote innovation and scientific discovery.

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Brain’s Wiring Revealed in HD

Dr. Insel discusses new functional connectomes and developments in human brain imaging.

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NIMH’s Top 10 Research Advances of 2011

Dr. Insel shares NIMH’s Top 10 Research Advances for 2011.

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NIMH’s Top 10 Research Events and Advances of 2010

10 breakthroughs and events of 2010 which are changing the way we approach mental disorders.

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Brain Scans – Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Despite promising advances as a research tool, brain imaging is not quite ripe for clinical application in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

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