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Posts about Statistics

Mental Health Awareness Month: By the Numbers

Statistics paint a picture of the impact of mental illness in the United States; Dr. Insel reviews the numbers for Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Mortality and Mental Disorders

A recent paper reports findings on the reduction in life expectancy among people with mental illness relative to the general population; Dr. Insel discusses the magnitude and reasons for this excess mortality.

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Autism Prevalence: More Affected or More Detected?

Dr. Insel discusses the CDC's latest report on autism prevalence.

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Join the Revolution

Dr. Insel discusses the state of science and math education in the U.S., scientific literacy, and Brain Awareness Week.

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Recognizing Those Who Have Served

For Veterans Day, Dr. Insel discusses meeting the mental health needs of those who have so honorably served our country.

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The Global Cost of Mental Illness

World Economic Forum report projects staggering costs of non-communicable diseases including mental health.

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