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Geriatric Psychosocial Treatment Intervention Program


This program supports experimental and observational studies of the development and testing of behavioral and psychosocial interventions for the treatment, prevention, or rehabilitation of the mental disorders of late life. Acute, continuation, and maintenance approaches are evaluated. Program includes studies of relapse prevention and enhancement of function/reduction of disability.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Research to develop and pilot-test new or adapted psychosocial treatment approaches, including those to enhance older adults' access to, acceptance of, and adherence to empirically supported treatment approaches.
  • Studies testing the efficacy and effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for producing specific clinical outcomes.
  • Research clarifying the key treatment conditions and change mechanisms involved in efficacious psychosocial interventions for late-life mental disorders.


George T. Niederehe, Ph.D.
Program Chief
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7131, MSC 9634

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