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Geriatric Translational Behavioral Science Program


This program supports studies of risk factors, presentation, course, and outcome of late-life mental disorders using tools of the basic and translational social and behavioral sciences and clinical geropsychology; it supports use of these tools as correlates, modifiers, mediators, and predictors of treatment response variability.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Studies of behavioral, cognitive and social factors contributing to older adults' vulnerability/resilience to mental disorders and associated disability.
  • Studies that identify behavioral, cognitive and social correlates, predictors, and mechanisms of treatment response variation in late-life mental disorders.
  • Studies developing and testing more reliable and valid phenotypes, assessments, and behavioral markers for late-life mental disorders.


George T. Niederehe, Ph.D.
Program Chief
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7131, MSC 9634

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