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Clinical Neuroscience Centers Program


This program supports translational research centers that seek to promote bi-directional scientific translation from the bench to bedside and back; it aims to promote novel scientific discovery and cross-pollination of ideas and disciplines through a program of centers, each of which has a narrow, mechanistic, hypothesis-driven focus and consists of a series of multidisciplinary, interdependent projects seeking to elucidate the etiology, pathophysiology, and pathogenesis of a major mental disorder(s). The feasibility of establishing a network of these centers — to accelerate the pace of discovery — is currently being evaluated.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Identification of valid and unique neurophysiological markers or complex(es) of markers for the major mental and personality disorders.
  • Development of animal and/or computational models that accurately mimic complex neurophysiology or behaviors characteristic of mental illness.
  • Comparisons between CNS characteristics of mental disorders and "other" brain disorders sharing specific abnormal behaviors or symptoms.
  • Examination of how complex interactions between neural signaling systems may readjust behavior from functional to dysfunctional.
  • Promotion of the application of exploratory but potentially relevant neuroscience areas to the study of mental disorders.


Steven J. Zalcman, M.D.
Program Chief
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7121, MSC 9639