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Research Training and Career Development Program


The Research Training and Career Development Program supports research training at the pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and early investigator levels of career development in areas relevant to the focus of the Division. These include adult psychopathology and psychosocial interventions, clinical neuroscience, geriatrics, translational research focusing on adults, and experimental therapeutics and treatment mechanisms related to mental illness. The primary goal of this office is to ensure that sufficient numbers of highly trained, independent investigators will be available to address the complexities of adult psychopathology and translational research.


  • Institutional Training Program (T32)
  • Mentored Career Development Program (K99, K01, K08, K23)
  • Individual Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellowships (F30, F31, F32)
  • Dissertation Research Grants to Increase Diversity (R36)

For a listing of Research Training Announcements, visit the NIMH page for Research Training, Career Development, and Related Programs.


Mark Chavez, Ph.D.
Associate Director
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7126, MSC 9632

Debra Wynne, MSW
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7115, MSC 9632

Mercedes Rubio, Ph.D.
Assistant Director to Individual Fellowship Research Programs
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7129, MSC 9632