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Developmental Trajectories of Mental Disorders Branch


The Developmental Trajectories of Mental Disorders Branch supports research that contributes to accomplishing Objective 2 of the NIMH Strategic Plan:  “Chart Mental Illness Trajectories to Determine When, Where, and How to Intervene.” Research supported in this branch identifies trajectories of mental disorders by looking across time (e.g., across developmental stages) at sequential and integrative relationships among genetic, neural, behavioral, and experiential/environmental factors leading to psychopathology or to recovery. Emphasis is on developmental progressions and the identification of early signs, risk factors, predictors, and biological mediators/moderators of continuity or change. The branch also supports prevention and treatment trials and testing of personalized interventions in accordance with Objective 3 of the NIMH Strategic Plan:  “Develop New and Better Interventions that Incorporate the Diverse Needs and Circumstances of People with Mental Illnesses.” The branch strongly encourages cross-disciplinary research collaborations. Studies of humans and non-human animals are supported.

Branch Chief

Shelli Avenevoli, Ph.D.
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7168, MSC 9617