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Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Mental Disorders Branch


The Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Mental Disorders Branch supports research that moves the field toward accomplishing Objective 1 of the NIMH Strategic Plan: “Promote Discovery in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences to Fuel Research on the Causes of Mental Disorders.” Research supported in this branch identifies mechanisms responsible for mental disorders by looking across levels of analysis to specify genetic, neural, behavioral, and environmental components that interact to define etiology of childhood-onset mental disorders. Cognitive, emotional, sensorimotor, and biobehavioral processes that are often shared across disorders, and the neurobiological mechanisms underlying them, are of particular interest to this branch. Also of interest is research that contributes to meeting Objective 3 of the NIMH Strategic Plan: “Develop New and Better Interventions that Incorporate the Diverse Needs and Circumstances of People with Mental Illnesses.” Thus, the branch supports research leading to the identification of biomarkers and novel pharmacologic agents, as well as the development of novel mechanism-based cognitive or behavioral interventions for childhood-onset mental disorders. This branch encourages cross-disciplinary research collaborations. Studies involving human and non-human animals are supported.

Branch Chief

Ann E. Wagner, Ph.D.
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7173, MSC 9617