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Staff Listing for the Office of Technology Development and Coordination

Office of Technology Development and Coordination (OTDC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Abella, Rio Jeane Data Management Analyst 301-443-3265 Details 
Cooper, Terrance Web Developer (Contractor) 301-402-0961 Details 
Duthie, Kristen Scientific Data Analyst 301-443-3265 Details 
Farber, Gregory Director, OTDC 301-435-0778 Details 
Freund, Michelle Health Scientist Admin 301-443-1815 Details 
Friedman, Fred Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-4058 Details 
Hall, Daniel NDAR Manager 301-443-7156 Details 
Jackson, Malcolm Administrative Data Analyst 301-443-3265 Details 
Koser, Brian Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3265 Details 
Luck, Patrick Software Developer 301-443-3265 Details 
Martinez, Miguel Systems Engineer 301-443-3265 Details 
Mccoy, Walter Software Developer 301-443-9124 Details 
Mckenna, Patrick Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3265 Details 
Mendez, Oliver Software Developer 301-443-3265 Details 
Navidi, Gretchen NDAR Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-7725 Details 
Niedner, Charles Office Automation Assistant 301-443-3015 Details 
Novikova, Svetlana Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-0212 Details 
Obenshain, David Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-402-0811 Details 
Smith, Jason Software Developer 301-496-8175 Details 
Washington, Andre Extramural Support Assistant 301-594-3745 Details 
Whisenton, Lashanta Systems Analyst 301-443-3265 Details 
Wolfe, Timothy Help Desk (Contractor) Details