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Director’s Update: NIMH Grantee Among First Recipients of K99/R00 Award

Funding mechanism adds new tool to foster career success for young scientists.

New investigator Bing Ye, Ph.D., University of California San Francisco, is among the first recipients of the new K99/R00 awards, created as part of the NIH Roadmap to help establish the next generation of investigators. The new funding mechanism promotes the success of new investigators as they begin their careers by providing them not only with a period of mentored support, but also with independent grant support. This mechanism will better enable them to develop the requisite track record for subsequent entry into a competitive scientific workforce. Dr. Ye's NIMH-funded grant will enable him to study mechanisms that differentiate the development of crucial components of nerve cells (dendrites and axons), research that will provide information about the pathogenesis of neurological disorders. NIMH plans to fund additional K99/R00 grants in the months and years to come.