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Director’s Update: Former NIMH Grantee Wins 2005 National Medal of Science

President George W. Bush announced May 29, 2007, that renowned cognitive psychologist Gordon H. Bower, PhD, professor emeritus at Stanford University and former NIMH grantee, has won the 2005 National Medal of Science. The medal is the nation’s highest scientific honor. Dr. Bower receives the award for “his unparalleled contributions to cognitive and mathematical psychology, for his lucid analyses of remembering and reasoning and for his important service to psychology and to American science.”

With more than 30 years of grant support from NIMH, Dr. Bower conducted experimental studies of human memory, language comprehension, learning, emotion and behavior change. He became a leader among experimental psychologists and learning theorists, and was considered one of the most influential psychologists in the nation. Dr. Bower also served as a Senior Science Advisor to the NIMH Director from 1992-1993, and served on the NIMH Advisory Council in 1999. Dr. Bower retired from Stanford University in 2005.