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Moving to a Different Institution

If you are a current NIMH grantee you MUST contact us before your move, in order to initiate the process of transferring your grant.

The timing of your transfer request can have significant implications. Please contact your Program Officer to discuss.

Many NIH grant mechanisms allow the principal investigator to bring their grants with them when they change institutions. This is subject to approval by NIH, and there are specific procedures which must be followed in order to make this process run smoothly (and relatively quickly!). The first step in this process should be to contact your program officer to discuss your plans. It is important to let us know your plans as far in advance as possible. Please do not wait until after you have moved to contact us about transferring your grant! NIH recommends that you begin the formal process of requesting the transfer of your grant at least sixty days in advance of your move to the new institution. What follows below are some general guidelines for the kinds of information that will be requested from you and your institutions (both the one you are leaving and the one to which you are moving).

The process of transferring a grant or grant application to a different institution is known as a "Change of Grantee Institution" request. Informational materials are required from both the original grantee institution and the proposed new grantee institution. Please refer to the instructions in this form letter that details the required forms and information that must be submitted before NIMH's consideration of the Change of Grantee Institution request. Further information on the Change of Grantee Institution is also available in the section entitled "Prior Approval Requirements " in the NIH Grants Policy Statement.

The required Relinquishing Statement can be found within the following PDF file on the Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Service Research Grant . The PHS 398 application kit can be found on the Grant Application  Web page.

We strongly encourage you to contact both your NIMH program officer and your NIMH Grants Specialist as soon as you begin planning to make such a move.

For K transfers, careers and fellowship awards contact you program officer. See also Research Training.

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