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Resubmitting an Application

If your current application will not be funded, it is usually possible to send a resubmission (formerly called a revised application). Consult with your Program Officer about the resubmission process. Generally speaking, the NIH allows you to make one resubmission after the original submission. You are typically allowed one additional page at the beginning of the resubmission (the "Introduction to the Resubmission"), in which you respond to the comments from the previous review. The only exceptions to the 1 page Introduction are for Training (T) applications, R25 applications, D43, D71 and K12 applications, all of which are allowed a 3 page Introduction for their resubmissions.

Some guidelines to help in your resubmission are:

  • Clearly mark with underlining, italics, bold or other formatting where you have made revisions.
  • Talk with the Program Officer about the summary statement;
  • If the reviewer's comments are useful, incorporate responses to them into the revised application;
  • If you disagree with a reviewer's comments, address them in your introduction - please be clear and polite.

If your application is not funded after the second submission, you will need to submit a new application that is considered to be substantively different from its predecessor. Please note that grant types might vary in the number of revisions which are permitted. Consult the specific announcement for each mechanism to confirm procedures for submitting a resubmission or check with your program officer.

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