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Contacts for Research Training and Career Development Programs

We encourage inquiries from prospective applicants. To identify the likely program officer to contact with your training-related inquiry, please identify: 1) the NIMH division that provides the best fit for your proposed research, and 2) the kind of funding opportunity (e.g. fellowship) that is of interest to you.

Division/Office Individual Fellowships
(F30, F31, F32)
Dissertation Grants
to Enhance Diversity
Institutional NRSA
Training Grants
Mentored Career
Development Awards
(K01, K08, K23,
Division of Neuroscience
and Basic Behavioral Science
Nancy Desmond
(301) 443-3107

Erica Rosemond
(301) 443-3107
Division of Adult Translational
Research and Treatment
Mercedes Rubio
(301) 443-3645
Mark Chavez
(301) 443-8942
- or -
Debra Wynne
(301) 443-7601
Division of Developmental
Translational Research
Christopher Sarampote
(301) 443-1959
Division of Services and
Intervention Research
Lauren Hill
(301) 443-2638
Division of AIDS Research
David Stoff
(301) 443-4625