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Suggestions for Using the NIMH Depression Video

3:51 minutes

Depression is a serious medical illness. It is different from feeling "down" or "blue." The first step in understanding depression is to let those close to you know you are feeling sad, anxious, or hopeless. If you understand and believe that there is effective treatment, you can start to get help with this medical problem. Viewing this DVD and discussing what it says can be the first positive step in understanding: you are not alone.

What the DVD does:

  • illustrates how a variety of people of all ages-men and women-can suffer from depression
  • shows different aspects of life that can be affected
  • illustrates talking to people close to you
  • examines mental health professionals working with depressed patients
  • illustrates how NIMH researchers are working to find answers for better treatment
  • concludes on a positive note
  • offers NIMH Web site for more information.

How to Use the Depression DVD:

  • to kick off a meeting and to encourage useful exchanges of information
  • in conjunction with a guest speaker
  • introduce an NIMH researcher
  • school health care professionals in meetings with students and/or parents
  • science/biology classes in conjunction with NIMH materials to discuss depression

Suggested groups:

  • Late elementary school to college age/young adults
  • PTSA distribution, school principles organization
  • Pre-teen and teen clubs
  • Back to School events
  • Girl and Boy Scouts
  • Religious teen groups (B'nai Brith, Catholic youth groups)
  • Alliance members