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Children: Language Delays

Join a Research Study: Language Delays

Study of Toddler Language Development

Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health are seeking toddlers 12 or 18 months of age with language delays (i.e., no words at 18 months, limited vocalizations at 12 months) or typical development to participate in a study.

Most children with language delays do not develop autism. However, we hope this study will help inform us about the risk factors.

The study involves an initial screening evaluation that will include a comprehensive caregiver interview and behavioral assessment. Eligible participants will then complete an overnight sleep study/EEG and an MRI scan. Follow-up visits that include behavioral assessment will occur every 6-12 months, with the final study visit occurring at 36 months of age. Participants enrolled at 12 months of age will have 3 follow-up visits (18, 24 months and a final visit at 36 months), and participants enrolled at 18 months will have 2 follow-up visits (24 months and a final visit at 36 months). The final study visit will involve behavioral assessment, sleep/EEG study, and MRI.

This study will involve both outpatient and inpatient visits and will be conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

To find out if you qualify, email NIMH or call 1-301-435-7962 [TTY: 1-866-411-1010].