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Clinics and Labs Overview

Investigators at the NIMH campus conduct research on numerous areas of study, including cognition, genetics, epidemiology, and psychiatry. At present, there are over 40 labs, clinics and branches in operation on the main campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn more about the mission, research, projects, and publications for each of the labs or clinics below.

Labs, Clinics and Branches

  • Sections & Units Attached to the Scientific Directors Office

    • Section on Affective Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Unit on Statistical Genomics
    • Unit on Neuroplasticity
    • Unit on Genetics of Cognition & Behavior
    • Section on Fundamental Neuroscience
    • Section on Molecular Neurobiology
    • Section on Neurobiology of Fear and Anxiety
    • Section on Neuroendocrine Immunology
    • Section on Pharmacology