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Section on Directed Gene Transfer

Selected Publications

Wenqin Xu, Cynthia K. Stadler, Kristen Gorman, Nathaniel Jensen, David Kim, HaoQiang Zheng, Shaohua Tang, William M. Switzer, Geoffrey W. Pye and Maribeth V. Eiden.
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Andrew C. Emery, Maribeth V. Eiden, Tomris Mustafa and Lee E. Eiden. Rapgef2 Connects GPCR-Mediated cAMP Signals to ERK Activation in Neuronal and Endocrine Cells. Science Signaling 6 (281), p. ra51 [DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2003993] 2013

Meihong Liu and Maribeth V. Eiden. A mutant retroviral receptor restricts virus superinfection interference and productive infection. Retrovirology 9:15, 2012.

Wenqin Xu, Jill L Russ and Maribeth V. Eiden. Evaluation of residual promoter activity in γ-retroviral self-inactivating (SIN) vectors, Molecular Therapy Vol. 20:84-90, 2012.

Xiuhuai Liu, Wenqin Xu, Jill Russ, Lee E. Eiden and Maribeth V. Eiden. The host range of gammaretroviruses and gammaretroviral vectors includes post-mitotic neural cells. Plos One 6:e18062-18072, 2011.

Wenqin Xu and Maribeth V. Eiden. Primate gammaretroviruses require an ancillary factor not required for murine gammaretroviruses to infect BHK cells. Journal of Virology Vol. 85:3498-3506, 2011.

Karen B. Farrell, Gabor E. Tusnady and Maribeth V. Eiden. A New Structural Arrangement of the Extracellular Domains of the Phosphate Transporter, PiT1, the Receptor for Gibbon Ape Leukemia Virus. Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 284:29979-29987, 2009.