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Human Brain Collection Core

Service Functions

  • Continue and expand collection of brains to other neuropsychiatric/neurological disorders [schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, suicide, bipolar disorder, depression, Tourette’s Syndrome, drug addictions (e.g., PCP, cocaine, alcohol, heroin), a variety of neurological rare cases]. We also collect blood, hair samples, dura, and trigeminal ganglia from all cases
  • Initiate prospective collection of brains from rare neurological cases (in collaboration with NINDS)
  • Provide high quality RNA and DNA samples obtained from brain tissues and/or blood, assess quality of these samples using gel electrophoresis and Agilent Technologies-based methods, perform gene expression studies using quantitative real-time PCR with Taqman (ABI) assays, prepare samples for microarray-based gene expression studies, perform genotyping assays using microarrays and Taqman assays
  • Provide a full range of neuropathology special stains, including silver stains, cryostat (frozen) and microtome (paraffin) sectioning, staining large batches of slides, immunohistochemistry, and quantitative light microscopy
  • Disseminate data from whole genome studies to the scientific community within/outside NIH using custom designed databases