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Office of Intramural Research Administration (OIRA) - Staff Directory

Position Name E-Mail Address Office Number
Director Gwen Shinko 301.402.9783
Tech Transfer Specialist Suzanne Winfield 301.402.4324
Program Analyst Julie Davison [c] 301.402.5234
Intramural Budget Analyst Rendy Grinblat [c] 301.451.9378
Intramural Budget Analyst Malissa Hiers-Wilkison 301.496.2985

Intramural Administrative Oversight Branch

Position Name E-Mail Address Office Number
Chief Travis Speck 301.435.8985
Facility Manager John Hollingsworth [c] 301.402.0755
Facility Ops Spec Patricia Williams 301.451.8447
Facility Mgmt. Assistant Kimberly Blackmon [c] 301.496.7338
HR Liaison Richard Doucette 301.594.9194
HR Liaison Deandrea Young 301.594.8178
Team Leader Jason McEntee 301.443.8531
Inventory Mgmt. Specialist David Tyler 301.443.5269
Inventory Mgmt. Specialist Rodney Glass 301.443.3334

Intramural Administrative Services Branch

Position Name E-Mail Address Office Number
Chief Claro Yu 301.496.6622
AO Team Leader Rollin Franks 301.496.4271
AO Team Leader Milton Kimbrough 301.496.0303
Admin.Officer Dionne Draper 301.443.2161
Admin. Officer Nikki Nelson 301.594.8072
Admin. Officer Nancy Gebhart 301.594.3656
Admin. Officer Damon Murray 301.594.8176
Admin. Officer Sam Sepah 301.960.8315
Admin. Tech Anh Lam 301.496.8260
Admin. Tech David Smith 301.402.8227
Admin. Tech Meghan Powell [c] 301.451.7078
Admin. Tech Patricia Long [c] 301.594.8065
Admin. Tech Ann McLeod 301.443.5560
Procurement Program Analyst Idella Simpson 301.496.8262
Purchasing Agent Monese Christensen 301.402.6778
Purchasing Agent James Gaskins 301.435.2964
Purchasing Agent Carole Novicky (Schwenk) 301.496.0578
Purchasing Agent Jeffery Buxbaum 240.479.4636
Purchasing Agent Tim Schwarzenberger 301.451.7780
Procurement Tech Christina Jeffries [c] 301.594.1658