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Despite Risks, Benzodiazepine Use Highest in Older People

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Prescription use of benzodiazepines—a widely used class of sedative and anti-anxiety medications—increases steadily with age, despite the known risks for older people, according to a comprehensive analysis of benzodiazepine prescribing in the United States.

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Medications for Patients with First Episode Psychosis May Not Meet Guidelines

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Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode

Many patients with first-episode psychosis receive medications that do not meet guidelines. A study finds that almost 40 % of people with first-episode psychosis in community mental health clinics across the country might benefit from medication treatment changes.

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Soldiers at Increased Suicide Risk after Leaving Hospital

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Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)

Soldiers hospitalized with a psychiatric disorder have a higher suicide risk in the year following discharge from the hospital.

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