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Biomarker for Brain Excitability May Help Track Medication Effect

Science Update

illustration of neurons firing in brain

NIMH scientists have recently discovered a link between order in the activity of neurons in the brain and excitability—how likely it is that individual neurons will “fire”— which may provide a means for monitoring treatment of conditions like epilepsy that would be less invasive and thus more versatile than current methods

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NIH-supported NeuroBioBank Joins Autism BrainNet in Brain Donation Initiative

Press Release

Side view of large model of human brain

Two of the world’s largest brain tissue banks unify efforts to collect and distribute a critical number of brain donations for important autism research.

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Combating Early Death in People with Serious Mental Illness

Science Update

doctor interviewing patient

Recent articles in JAMA Psychiatry report and comment on the premature mortality seen among adults with schizophrenia; NIMH research is underway to reduce health risk factors in people with serious mental illness.

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NIMH Images

SUMA surface mapping of brain image

Image Description: SUMA surface mapping of brain image
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