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Powered-Up Probe ID’s Schizophrenia Genes That Stunt Brain Development

Science Update

Cropped image of RNA molecule

Scientists have pinpointed several schizophrenia-related gene variants that alter expression of other genes in illness-implicated circuitry of the human brain.

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NIMH Funds 3 ‘Zero Suicide’ Grants

Science Update

logo for Zero Suicide in health and behavioral health care

NIMH is supporting Zero Suicide efforts with 3 new research grants. Each project focuses on prevention and health care systems.

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Recruitment Begins for Landmark Study of Adolescent Brain Development

Press Release

Girl holding brain

The study will follow the biological and behavioral development of more than 10,000 children through adolescence into early adulthood.

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NIMH Images

SUMA surface mapping of brain image

Image Description: SUMA surface mapping of brain image
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