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Multimedia From 2010


Postpartum Depression Treatment

Frame from the video Postpartum Depression Treatment.

Postpartum depression may be one of the most under-recognized and under-treated disorders. Yet, it impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of new mothers. This video looks at those who are at greatest risk of postpartum depression as well as ground breaking research into treatment for PPD.

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Positive Measures to Fight Depression

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Honoring Mortimer Mishkin

Frame from the video Honoring Mortimer Mishkin  .

Video from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) - Congratulations to Dr. Mortimer Mishkin, recipient of the National Medal of Science. Dr. Mishkin becomes the first National Institute of Mental Health intramural scientist to receive this honor. In this video Dr. Mishkin talks about his five decades of research at NIMH.

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NIMH Radio: Dr. Ron Duman of Yale University talks about ketamine research and treatment for major depression

Ketamine Research and Treatment for Major Depression.

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Prevent Suicide in Young Adults

Our NIMH partners are the eyes, ears, and legs of our research-based messages concerning the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

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Ben Vitiello on Treatment Options for ADHD in Children

Dr. Ben Vitiello, Child and Adolescent Treatment and Preventive Intervention Research Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, talks about therapy and medication treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children.

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Elizabeth Lin on Diabetes and Depression

Dr. Elizabeth Lin discusses an NIMH-funded study linking diabetes and depression. She looks at the challenges patients face… as well as action steps for greater well-being.

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Special Report – Health Concerns in Haiti: Infectious Disease and Mental Health Perspective

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Symptoms and Treatment of Depression

Frame from the video Symptoms and Treatment of Depression.

People with depression discuss how they got help.

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