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Multimedia About Basic Research

BRAIN Initiative as Moonshot

Frame from the video BRAIN Initiative as Moonshot.

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Unearthing Secrets of New Neurons

Frame from the video Unearthing Secrets of New Neurons.

Heather Frank, then a senior majoring in neuroscience at Colgate University, explains studies on neurogenesis that she worked on during an internship in the NIMH Unit on Neuroplasticity.

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Channel Makover Switches Off Neurons in a Flash

Frame from the video Channel Makover Switches Off Neurons in a Flash.

Scientists have bioengineered an enhancement to a cutting edge technology that provides instant control over brain circuit activity with a flash of light. The research adds the same level of control over switching neurons off that, until now, had been limited to switching them on. What had been working through a weak pump now works through a highly responsive channel -- like going from a squirt to a gushing hose. Project officer Michelle Freund, Ph.D., of the NIMH Office of Technology Development and Coordination, explains the significance of the new findings.

See: Channel Makeover Bioengineered to Switch Off Neurons

Karl Deisseroth, M.D. Ph.D, Stanford University
Andre Berndt, Ph.D., Stanford University
Soo Yeun Lee, Ph.D., Stanford University
Charu Ramakrishnan, Stanford University - channels image
Michelle Freund, Ph.D., NIMH

Method of the Year 2010: Optogenetics-NatureVideo  - animation
Optogenetics, Karl Deisseroth, Marina Coral, Nature Methods, 12/20/2010 - graphic

Richard Coppola, Sc.D., NIMH - MEG movie
Cristophe Lenglet, Ph.D., U. Minnesota - brain image

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Introduction to RDoC

Frame from the video Introduction to RDoC.

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Neurobiobank/Jill Bolte Taylor

Frame from the video Neurobiobank/Jill Bolte Taylor.

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., a spokesperson for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, discusses why brain donation truly is the gift of hope.

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Positive Measures to Fight Depression

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NIMH Radio: Dr. Ron Duman of Yale University talks about ketamine research and treatment for major depression

Ketamine Research and Treatment for Major Depression.

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