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Alliance for Research Progress - February 10, 2012 Meeting » Participant List

Participant List
Rockville, Maryland


Active Minds
Alison Malmon
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Lawrence Riso
Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Alies Muskin
Autism Speaks
Peter Bell
Anita Miller Sostek
Stuart Spielman
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
Laura Wells
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Allen Doederlein
Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy and Action
Lisa Lilenfeld
Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation
Alissa Bronsteen
Mental Health America
Sarah Steverman
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Ken Duckworth
Andrew Sperling
National Association for Rural Mental Health
Katie Bess
National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
Lauren Spiro
National Congress of American Indians
Emily White Hat
National Eating Disorders Association
Lynn Grefe
Lara Gregorio
National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health
Frances Purdy
National Organization for People of Color Against Suicide
Donna Barnes
No Health Without Mental Health
Florence Fee
One Mind for Research
Jonathan Sack
Postpartum Support International
Lynne McIntyre
Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America
Linda Stalters
Society for Neuroscience
Mona Miller
Society for Women's Health Research
Christine Carter
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Mark Jacobsen
ARA National Association for Personality Disorder
Matthild Schneider
The Balanced Mind Foundation
Sheila McDonald
Susan Resko
Julia Small
The National Alliance for Hispanic Health
Paul Baker
The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation
Amy Morro
Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.
Kevin McNaught
Trichotillomania Learning Center
Christina Pearson


New York Times
Benedict Carey
PatientsLikeMe, Inc.
James Heywood
University of California, San Francisco
Rachel Loewy, Ph.D.
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Grayson Norquist M.D., M.S.P.H.
NIMH Division of Intramural Research Programs
Daniel Pine, M.D.


National Institute of Mental Health staff

Phyllis Ampofo
Charlotte Armstrong
Stefano Bertuzzi
Linda Brady
Pamela Collins
Bruce Cuthbert
Kalene DeHaut
Kate Egan
Greg Farber
Marlene Guzman
Robert Heinssen
Samantha Helfert
Thomas Insel
Su Koester
Jim McElroy
Diana Morales
Jean Noronha
Kathleen O’Leary
Molly Oliveri
Maryland Pao
Beverly Pringle
Darren Schneider
Joel Sherrill
Jane Steinberg
Amanda Taylor
Philip Wang
Gemma Weiblinger