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Outreach Partnership Program 2007 Annual Meeting

April 24-26, 2007
Portland, Oregon

Science Updates

  • The State of Mental Health Research
  • Addiction is a Brain Disease: Implications for Treatment and Prevention

Program Updates

  • The Work You Do: Program Progress Reporting and Steps Toward Evaluation

Community Partnerships: Collaborating with a Community to Develop Programs

  • Multicultural Outreach, NAMI New Jersey
  • Managing Depression in African Americans, Mental Health Association of Allegheny County
  • The Frameworks Suicide Prevention Program, NAMI New Hampshire

Tapping Resources: Adapting Programs That Will Work in Your Community

  • Eating Disorders Prevention Initiative, Mental Health Association in Illinois
  • Healthy New Moms: Maryland’s Campaign to End Depression During and After Pregnancy, Mental Health Association of Maryland
  • Better Todays. Better Tomorrows. Institute of Rural Health, Idaho State University

Complexities of Evidence-Based Practice: Panel and Discussion

Suicide Prevention

  • Challenges in Suicide Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention Messaging: Safe? Effective? Heard?

Anti-Stigma Research

  • Don’t Call Me Nuts: Beating the Stigma of Mental Illness