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NIMH Outreach Partnership Program 2012 Solicitation: Questions and Responses

Questions and Responses
September 4, 2012

The following questions were submitted by organizations in response to a recently released solicitation for the NIMH Outreach Partnership Program. The deadline to submit questions was August 20, 2012. Responses to these questions were prepared by the NIMH Outreach Partnership Program staff and are organized below to correspond with the sections of the solicitation, including:

Program Requirements

  1. Question: Do organizations serving as NIMH Outreach Partners in California need to serve their entire state, or can they serve only a specific city or county?
    Answer: NIMH plans to make a total of two awards for the state of California to represent the North/Central regions and the Southern regions. Outreach Partners selected for the North/Central California and Southern California would be expected to conduct dissemination and outreach activities across all the counties in their respective regions. Organizations serving as NIMH Outreach Partners are required to serve their entire state with the exception of the three (3) states, California, New York, and Texas; each state has two (2) Outreach Partners. These three (3) states are required to serve their designated areas/regions.

Organizational Eligibility

  1. Question: Are county level government agencies eligible to apply for the NIMH Outreach Partnership Program?
    Answer: This solicitation is intended for nongovernmental tax exempt organizations, with non-profit status, under any section of the United States tax code; and/or a state or local higher education institutions, with non-profit status, under any section of the United States tax code.
  2. Question: How do organizations apply for an active record in the Central Contractor Registration database?
    Answer: The Central Contractor Registration is a Federal government owned and maintained database, which is being merged into a new database called System for Award Management (SAM). All organizations that receive contracts from the Federal government are required to register and maintain an active account in this database. To begin the registration process, organizations need to go to the SAM homepage at: .

Benefits to Outreach Partners

  1. Question: Can staff from a partnering organization attend the Program’s annual meeting if they are willing to cover the travel costs?
    Answer: The Program sponsors one staff member from the lead Outreach Partner organization; however, staff from co-partnering organization(s) can attend the Program’s annual meeting at their own expense.

Statement of Work

Task 3

  1. Question: Can you provide examples of special outreach projects listed as the Program requirements under the Statement of Work, Task 3?
    Answer: Partners can implement a range of types of outreach and education activities through a variety of means and methods to meet this requirement. However the strategies and channels should be appropriate for the targeted audience. Some examples of these education and outreach activities include a targeted media campaign with electronic or traditional media and an in-person or online training.
  2. Question: Does special project require a conference?
    Answer: No, there is no requirement to implement a conference as a part of the special project.

Proposal Preparation

  1. Question: Could you clarify the question “Describe the organization’s affiliates, chapters, and/or memberships” from the solicitation? What does it refer to?
    Answer: Applicants are asked to provide a description of their organization’s membership such as affiliates, chapters, and/or individual members, if relevant.
  2. Question: Does the character count limits include spaces?
    Answer: Yes, spaces are counted in the character limits.
  3. Question: Should applicants include references and/or citations in their proposals?
    Answer: If applicants find that including references and/or citations add value to their proposal, they may include them.
  4. Question: Are applicants allowed to attach documents that are not requested in the solicitation?
    Answer: Applicants are allowed to attach additional documents if the documents support the content of their proposals.
  5. Question: Are letters of support and/or collaboration permitted?
    Answer: Yes, both letters of support and collaboration are permitted if relevant to the proposal.
  6. Question: Do applicants need to include in their proposals only the auditor’s opinion letter or do they need to provide a full audit report?
    Answer: Applicants are asked to provide only the auditor’s opinion letter, not the full audit report.
  7. Question: Are any personnel costs allowed?
    Answer: The funds should only be used for activities associated with the organization's participation in the Outreach Partnership Program which may include personnel costs for individuals working on Outreach Partnership Program activities.

Inquiry Process

  1. Question: Is there a specific form to be used for submitting inquiries?
    Answer: No, there is no specific form for submitting inquiries. Questions were accepted through August 20 via email.
  2. Question: What format and/or information should be included in an inquiry?
    Answer: No specific format and/or information is required for submitting an inquiry (question).