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Strategic Objective 2

Chart Mental Illness Trajectories to Determine When, Where, and How to Intervene


NIMH invites grant applications from institutions and organizations that propose research to fulfill Objective 2 of the NIMH Strategic Plan: Chart Mental Illness Trajectories to Determine When, Where, and How to Intervene.

The Institute seeks novel research approaches that will contribute to the creation of an empirically based risk profile that could be used to determine optimal time-points and modes of intervention to prevent the onset of mental disorders or diminish their clinical impact. The Institute aims to solicit integrative and mechanistic research with explanatory power to address urgent questions relevant to the developmental pathophysiology of mental disorders and the most effective interventions to preempt or ameliorate them. Research that is primarily descriptive, not focused on developmental issues, or not relevant to mental disorders would not be considered responsive to this strategic objective.

Research priority areas are identified within each of the following three strategies:

These research topics are not intended to be exhaustive. Prior to submitting an application, investigators are encouraged to contact NIMH program staff to discuss proposed aims and relevance to these objectives. Please reference the relevant strategic objective and research priority in the project summary section of your application. Investigators are also encouraged to take advantage of existing NIMH and NIH resources where appropriate.