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Job Vacancy Announcement - Health Scientist Administrator (Program Officer) - Developmental Neurobiology Program

Health Scientist Administrator (Program Officer)
Developmental Neurobiology Program
Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science
National Institute of Mental Health
Department of Health and Human Services

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Research announces an opening for a Health Scientist Administrator (Program Officer) position to guide and manage a grants program supporting basic research in developmental neurobiology.  The Program Officer will lead an innovative program aimed at elucidating fundamental mechanisms underlying the establishment of functional circuitry mediating cognitive, affective and social domains of function in the developing brain. The program also supports research on developmental mechanisms of factors (e.g., genetic or environmental) that have been associated at high confidence with mental illness risk. This program encompasses studies (a) of prenatal, early postnatal and adolescent development, (b) at the molecular, cellular and systems levels, (c) involving in vitro preparations, model organisms or humans. This position provides an opportunity to impact priorities, develop new research initiatives and to contribute to the advancement of a national program of developmental neurobiology research spanning these topic areas.

Individuals are encouraged to apply who have state-of-the-art knowledge of neurodevelopmental principles and strong research experience using a broad range of cutting-edge neuroscience, genetic, molecular, cellular, anatomical, biophysical and/or behavioral methods and paradigms. Technical experience across multiple levels of analysis is preferable. Of particular relevance is expertise in evaluating mechanistic studies of cell fate specification, neuronal/glial maturation and establishment of connectivity, synaptic and circuit function, along with studies of sensitive periods for developmental plasticity as they relate to cognitive, affective and social function. General responsibilities will include administering and managing an extramural portfolio of research grants, interacting with researchers and program officers for related programs at NIMH, NIH, and other funding agencies, and developing new research initiatives.

This position requires working both independently and collaboratively. Strong organizational, oral, written and communication skills are also required.  Experience with the grants process is preferable. Salary will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate. A full package of federal Civil Service benefits is available, including: retirement, health and life insurance, long term care insurance, leave, and a Thrift Savings Plan (401K equivalent). The successful candidate is subject to a background investigation and public financial disclosure requirements.

Interested candidates should also send a letter of interest, including a curriculum vitae, to

The NIH encourages the application and nomination of qualified women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. HHS and NIH are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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