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HIV Prevention Science Branch


This Branch supports the discovery, development, and testing of novel interventions to advance HIV prevention and care, with specific interest in the characterization of emerging populations and communities at high risk for HIV infection. The research identifies potentially modifiable risk factors for HIV acquisition in these populations, and develops effective interventions to prevent or reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Major research foci are the development of integrated biomedical-behavioral interventions for prevention and care and sustained behavior change to reduce incident HIV infections. The Branch encourages basic behavioral and social science research to advance the development of innovative interventions, research to test the efficacy of novel behavioral and/or integrated behavioral and biomedical interventions, and research to translate and operationalize findings from these basic studies. Also included in this Branch are studies on the neurobehavioral and neuropsychiatric consequences of HIV infection and the associated antiretroviral therapy and neuroscience-related factors that may affect the risk for acquiring HIV.

Areas of Emphasis

See specific program descriptions.


Pim Brouwers, Ph.D.
5601 Fishers Lane, Room 9E21
Rockville, MD 20852