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Adherence to Treatment and Prevention Program


This program supports scientific research in four domains: (1) adherence to biomedical HIV prevention methods [e.g., pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)]; (2) initiation of antiretroviral therapy when indicated for HIV treatment; (3) adherence to antiretroviral therapy for HIV treatment; and (4) retention in HIV primary medical care. Within these areas, the program supports studies to inform future interventions, develop and test novel interventions, and advance the dissemination and implementation of proven interventions. Intervention research may target individuals, providers, or healthcare systems and policies. The program invites research conducted in U.S. domestic settings or international settings that have high HIV incidence or prevalence, with an emphasis on approaches likely to have broad impact.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Studies to understand, promote, and sustain adherence to biomedical HIV prevention approaches (e.g., PrEP, microbicides) for the purpose of maximizing their effectiveness and impact.
  • Studies to advance adherence assessment and monitoring, and to incorporate such measures into routine care to improve the identification of individuals in need of adherence support.
  • Studies to improve HIV treatment outcomes through the development and testing of interventions that will enhance readiness to initiate antiretroviral medications, improve and sustain antiretroviral adherence, and improve patient retention in medical care. Adherence intervention trials should assess impact on both behavioral adherence and biological outcomes such as viral suppression.
  • Studies to understand and address provider, clinic, and systems-level factors that may impact antiretroviral initiation, antiretroviral adherence, or patient retention, for the purpose of informing provider training, clinic practice, and healthcare policy.
  • Studies to develop and test targeted interventions designed to reduce documented racial/ethnic, gender, and age-related disparities in HIV adherence, retention, and treatment outcomes.


Michael J. Stirratt, Ph.D.
5601 Fishers Lane, Room 9G28
Rockville, MD 20852