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Staff Listing for Division of Extramural Activities

Division of Extramural Activities (DEA)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Noronha, Jean Director 301-443-3367 Details
Bach, Shaunna Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-443-1368 Details
Hiremath, Meenaxi Deputy Director 301-443-3367 Details
Shannon, Erin Special Assistant 301-443-3959 Details

Extramural Policy Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Charles, Zieta Committee Management Officer 301-443-1336 Details
Dabney, Debra Program Specialist 301-443-3937 Details
Harris Lewis, Wanda Program Assistant (OA) 301-443-5047 Details
Hu, Shuang-Bao Assistant Referral Officer 301-443-5160 Details
King, Darnetta Committee Management Specialist 301-443-7323 Details
Miller, Rebecca Chief, Extramural Policy Branch 301-435-0322 Details
Sydnor, Brooke Program Specialist 301-443-4869 Details

Extramural Review Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Burstein, Marcy Scientific Review Officer 301-443-9699 Details
Charles, Vinod Scientific Review Officer 301-443-1606 Details
Gaiano, Nicholas Chief, Extramural Review Branch 301-827-3420 Details
Garcia, Rebecca Scientific Review Officer 301-443-4525 Details
Gavin-Evans, Karen Scientific Review Officer 301-451-2356 Details
Gray, Erin Scientific Review Officer 301-402-8152 Details
Kadir, Malik Operations Coordinator 301-443-4728 Details
Miller, David Scientific Review Officer 301-443-9734 Details
Schulte, Aileen Scientific Review Officer 301-443-1225 Details
Sims, Shelley Extramural Support Assistant 301-451-0094 Details
Smith, Dawn Program Specialist 301-451-3957 Details
Sommers, David Scientific Review Officer 301-443-7861 Details
Thai, Julie Contracting Specialist 301-827-6183 Details
Wortham, Lycurtis Extramural Support Assistant 301-443-8188 Details

Grants Management Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Claycamp, Rebecca Chief Grants Management Officer 301-443-2811 Details
Bergerud, Julie Grants Management Specialist 301-827-6184 Details
Boah, Alberta Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3483 Details
Booher, Christopher Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3066 Details
Chia, Hung-Lien Grants Management Specialist 301-443-1341 Details
Clarkson, Christine Grants Management Specialist 301-402-5756 Details
Fonda, John Grants Management Specialist 301-402-8158 Details
Fratina, Michael Grants Management Specialist 301-443-0645 Details
Hampton, Chantel Grants Program Analyst 301-827-5914 Details
Jarosik, Theresa Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3858 Details
Kees, Tamara Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-8811 Details
Kennedy, Kenya Grants Program Analyst 301-443-2743 Details
Kirker, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-6093 Details
Kowl, Sarisa Grants Management Specialist 301-594-1921 Details
Kresslein, Rosemary Grants Management Specialist 301-443-4128 Details
Lim, Cecile Extramural Support Assistant 301-563-9280 Details
Lin, Jane Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2229 Details
Mercogliano, Theresa Grants Management Specialist 301-451-4940 Details
Munk, Robert Grants Management Specialist 301-443-3034 Details
Nkansah, Betty Grants Management Specialist 301-443-7638 Details
Paolini, Maggie Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2746 Details
Radcliffe, William Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2762 Details
Shiderly, Jeffrey Grants Program Analyst 301-443-3484 Details
Sisco, Rita Lead/Supv Grants Management Specialist 301-443-2805 Details
Weiss, Heather Grants Management Specialist 301-443-4415 Details
Winters, Craig Grants Program Analyst 301-451-9948 Details