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Genetics and Genomic Research Resources Program


This program supports the creation and distribution of research resources for use in genetic and genomic studies in mental disorders. This program also includes the NIMH Human Genetics Initiative, which maintains a repository of DNA extracted from blood and immortalized cell lines and associated clinical information for use in genetic studies of mental disorders.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Increasing the size and the quality of the repository by adding new projects that either augment the existing collection or add new phenotypes of interest to the NIMH.
  • Leveraging the existing clinically annotated samples for use in research in large scale genetic studies.
  • Using the NIMH Human Genetics Initiative to share data and biomaterials collected in various genetic studies.
  • Development and distribution of statistical and other bioinformatics tools for the analysis of genetic and genomic data in human and model system studies.


Geetha Senthil
Neuroscience Center/Room 7200/MSC 9643