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Hubs Help Native American Communities Address Youth Suicide

Science Update

Three NIMH-funded collaborative research hubs are exploring the factors behind the high suicide rates among American Indian (AI) and Alaska Native (AN) youth and designing and testing approaches to preventing suicide.

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Webinar Series 2016 – Office for Research on Disparities and Global Mental Health

Institute Update

ORDGMH conducts two series of webinars with NIMH grantees, focusing on mental health disparities and research.

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World Leaders and Advocates Unite in Washington, D.C. for One Mission: Make Mental Health a Global Priority

Science Update

World leaders and advocates gathered in Washington, D.C. on April 13-15, 2015 to discuss making mental health a global priority.

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Dr. Pamela Collins on Global Mental Health Challenges

Dr. Pamela Collins on global mental health challenges and NIMH initiatives.

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