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Office of Constituency Relations and Public Liaison (OCRPL)


(1) Oversees the Institute's public liaison and outreach activities, including requesting and receipt of public input related to the Institute's activities; (2) Plans, coordinates, and promotes Institute interactions with patient advocacy, professional, scientific and community based organizations with specific interests in the mission and/or programs of NIMH; (3) Monitors mental health and related legislation, issues, and events and, as requested, develops analyses, drafts proposed testimony, and serves as a principal point of contact for interactions with NIH and Departmental staff, as well as with senior staff of the Office of the President and other Federal agencies; (4) Reviews all mental health related reports to the Congress and/or other parts of the Federal Executive Branch; and (5) Represents the NIMH Director as required.


  • The Outreach Partnership Program is a nationwide initiative that works to increase the public’s access to science-based mental health information through partnerships with national and state organizations. 
  • NIMH Professional Coalition for Research Progress: NIMH convenes representatives of professional organizations once a year: (1) to share the latest developments at NIMH with professional constituent organizations; and, (2) to foster dialogue on the future path and directions of NIMH-funded research.
  • NIMH Alliance for Research Progress is a group of patient and family advocates representing national voluntary organizations meeting twice a year with the NIMH Director and staff. The Alliance meets in the summer to discuss research priorities, which allows an opportunity for NIMH to hear directly from representatives of constituency groups about their views and concerns regarding its research. The Alliance Winter Meeting focuses on the latest research advances.

Acting Director

Phyllis Quartey-Ampofo, M.P.H.
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 6230