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Staff Listing for the Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications

Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications (OSPPC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Fox, Meredith Director, OSPPC 301-402-1801 Details 
Mason, Julie Deputy Director 301-443-1220 Details 
Hickman, Tiffany Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-443-8477 Details 

Electronic Communications Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Blomstrom, Kevin IT Specialist 301-402-1679 Details 
Carter McLeod, Karen IT Specialist 301-443-4539 Details 
Chanaa, Samer Web Developer 703-807-2318 Details 
Chang, Connie Web Developer (External Contractor) 301-443-4633 Details 
Dewit, Joel Computer Systems Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-4949 Details 
Manchala, Sudheer TITLE 703-321-6984 Details 
Nguyen, Nguyen Chief, Electronic Communications Branch 301-443-2624 Details 
Petersen, James IT Specialist 301-443-6346 Details 
Reidy, Michael Web Consultant (External Consultant) 781-835-1341 Details 
Siervo, Maybelle-Ann Web Developer (External Contractor ) 703-483-4355 Details 
Tran, Oula Web Developer (Contractor) 301-451-2808 Details 
Tupper, Meredith Web Developer (Contractor) 301-443-4538 Details 

Reports and Analysis Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Bodenstein, Yancy Chief, Reports and Analysis Branch 301-451-9520 Details 
Buckingham, Sandra Acting Branch Chief, RAB 301-443-3047 Details 
Cohen, Elan Statistician (Contractor) 301-443-9761 Details 
Park, Melissa Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-7743 Details 
Rowe, Monica Program Analyst 301-451-4521 Details 

Science Policy and Evaluation Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Chai, Mindy Branch Chief 301-443-2392 Details 
Cox, Lisa Lead Government Information Specialist 301-443-6130 Details 
Frost Bellgowan, Julie Health Science Policy Analyst 301-443-1639 Details 
Lawhorn, Collene Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-4262 Details 
Rojas, Melba Program Analyst 301-402-0279 Details 
Scheinert, Rachel Health Science Policy Analyst 301-451-0292 Details 

Science Writing, Press, and Dissemination Branch

Name Title Phone Number Details
Armstrong, Charlotte Writer/Editor 301-443-4537 Details 
Asher, Jules Writer/Editor 301-443-7855 Details 
Boswell, Antoinette Health Communications Specialist 301-443-4516 Details 
Gallagher, Alissa Chief, Science Writing Press, and Dissemination 301-402-2101 Details 
McElroy, James Public Affairs Specialist 301-443-7034 Details 
O'Keefe, Lindsey Public Affairs Specialist 301-443-4029 Details 
Zeigler, Natalie Health Science Policy Analyst 301-435-8687 Details