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Staff Listing for the Office of Technology Development and Coordination

Office of Technology Development and Coordination (OTDC)

Name Title Phone Number Details
Farber, Gregory Director, Office of Technology Development and Coordination 301-435-0778 Details
Abella, Rio Jeane Data Management Analyst 301-443-3265 Details
Ahmad, Ushna Program Analyst 301-443-3724 Details
Bulk, Alexander Scientific Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-594-3103 Details
Campbell, Lindsey Data Analyst 210-317-4405 Details
Cooper, Terrance Web Developer (Contractor) 301-402-0961 Details
Dangubic, Bozidar Senior Developer 301-443-0715 Details
Duthie, Kristen Scientific Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3265 Details
Freeman, Janay Operations Coordinator (Contractor) 301-443-4347 Details
Friedman, Fred Health Scientist Administrator 301-443-4058 Details
Griffiths, Trevor DevOps Engineer 301-443-2743 Details
Gross, Michael Developer 631-965-1853 Details
Jackson, Malcolm Administrative Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3265 Details
Jackson, Marques Contractor - Developer 443-415-9725 Details
Kandra, Deidra Software Developer 301-443-3265 Details
Kim, Douglas Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-6463 Details
Kim, Minjai TITLE 405-657-9308 Details
King, Tracy Program Communications Administrator 301-827-1914 Details
Koser, Brian Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-3265 Details
Lai, Man Software Tester, QA Analyst 301-443-2743 Details
Lee, Roger Software Developer 301-443-2743 Details
Lin, Ti Program Analyst 301-435-0433 Details
Loewe, Michael Budget Analyst 919-763-4013 Details
Luck, Patrick Software Developer (Contractor) 301-825-6139 Details
Magdits, Gregory Java Developer 301-443-0715 Details
McKenna, Patrick Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-827-7658 Details
Mendez, Oliver Software Developer 301-443-3265 Details
Nakshin, Igor Data Analyst 301-655-7100 Details
Niedner, Charles Office Automation Assistant 301-443-3015 Details
Nixon, Erika Systems Engineer 301-827-3413 Details
Novikova, Svetlana Analyst (Contractor) 301-443-0212 Details
Obenshain, David Program Analyst (Contractor) 301-402-0811 Details
Rosen, Rebecca Project Manager 301-827-4602 Details
Setak, Oksana Software Quality Analyst 301-443-3265 Details
Slaughter, Darnell Data Analyst (Contractor) 301-827-7664 Details
Smith, Jason Software Developer (Contractor) 301-496-8175 Details
Spicer, Olivia Health Specialist 301-443-4708 Details
Tagg, Lindsey Scientific Data Analyst 301-827-6878 Details
Vacin, Noel Data Analyst 240-925-3065 Details
Wisniewski, Leopold Data Analyst-Curator 301-443-6805 Details
Wolfe, Timothy Help Desk (Contractor) 301-827-7662 Details
Zhan, Ming Health Scientist Administrator 301-827-3678 Details