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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

Hardware Projects

MonkeyLogic Interface - SfS - Liquid dispenser - Precision Timer - Photo Detector

Specialized electronic hardware is essential for behavioral neurophysiology. The following links provide to detailed information about useful equipment for research.

MonkeyLogic is a behavioral control and data acquisition software system that runs on a PC under Matlab(tm). It was developed outside the NIH. However, we have developed an interface box.

MonkeyLogic Interface
Detailed schematics and mechanical layout for interfacing National InstrumentTM cards to BNC and D-subminiature connectors for easy connection to other apparatus.

Functions and notes not in the standard documentation
This page provides useful information about MonkeyLogic that is not easily found in the documentation. Some of the issues are resolved in later versions of the software.

The Stimulation and fMRI Synchronizer (SfS) tracks the scan cycle timing of a fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) recording system and provides stimulation and fMRI triggering output signals.

We have developed a Precision Liquid Dispenser for accurate and repeatable computer-controlled delivery of water and thicker fluids.

The Precision Timer for NIMH Cortex is a circuit board with software (firmware) for generating precisely timed pulses. NIMH Cortex is a data collection system. This hardware provides high precision timing (20 µs resolution) for NIMH Cortex.

We have developed a Photodetector Circuit to indicate the precise moment an image appears on the display screen of any behavioral control program.

We have adapted infrared (IR) proximity switches to replace mechanical switches for behavioral experiments. Here are some photos of the switches and parts information.

Non-Contact "Touch" Switch