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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

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Current Release

NIMH MonkeyLogic_2.mlappinstall (automatically installs the software and sets up the computer's environment)

NIMH (complete set of MonkeyLogic2 files. You may want to preserve an existing installation or change just a few files. This version is for more experienced users).

NIMH MonkeyLogic_2_Hardware Interface Schematics (Some example schematics for building an interface box to connect peripheral equipment for use in experiments, i.e. reward dispenser, eye tracker, etc.)

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NIMH Monkey Logic FTP download site - Links to download all the NIMH MonkeyLogic2 source code and associated files (

There is no charge for private or commercial use.
The NIMH Monkey Logic program is provided for free as a zip archive or Windows installer program. No guarantees are made as to its reliability or suitability for any application or purpose, as individual implementations will vary. All are encouraged to thoroughly test the system and confirm that event timing is within maximum allowable tolerances, because this will depend on hardware type and settings. The temporal performance and reliability of this software, as tested on our systems, is documented in these publications.