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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

Getting Started with NIMH MonkeyLogic

Obtaining NIMH MonkeyLogic

NIMH MonkeyLogic can be obtained from the download page.

Software Installation

You can use either a MATLAB app installer or a zip file.

Using a MATLAB app installer

Double-click the downloaded *.mlappinstall file. It will open MATLAB and pop up a question dialog as below. Click the [Install] button and NIMH MonkeyLogic will be added to the MATLAB menu. If this process fails for any reason, you can manually open MATLAB and install the package by clicking the [Install App] menu.

Monkey Logic installation screen

The installation directory is dependent on the version of your MATLAB.

\your user directory\Documents\MATLAB\Add-Ons\Apps (R2015b or later)
\your user directory\Documents\MATLAB\Apps (R2015a or earlier)

Using a zip file

Decompress the zip file to a directory that you choose and add the directory to the MATLAB path. You can add the subdirectories as well but it is not necessary.

Starting NIMH MonkeyLogic

Click the [NIMH MonkeyLogic] icon on the MATLAB APPS menu (MATLAB app installer) or type "monkeylogic" on the MATLAB command window (zip file installation), depending on your installation method.

MonkeyLogic comes with a delayed match-to-sample task and many other examples. They are under the "task" directory of the MonkeyLogic directory. To start a task, choose a conditions file by clicking the [Load a conditions file] button on the MonkeyLogic GUI (left in the below figure) and then hit the [Run] button.

Monkey Logic start screen

You can run a task without a DAQ board or input devices, by activating the simulation mode in the pause menu.

Data files supported by NIMH MonkeyLogic

NIMH MonkeyLogic supports its own data file format, called BHV2 (*.bhv2), as well as HDF5 (*.h5) and MAT (*.mat). The mlread function provides a unified read interface for all the formats. Type "help mlread" on the MATLAB command windows for details.