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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

National Instruments DAQ Card

DAQ Device Bus Connector Behavior support Event code support Recommended for new installations Max analog inputs
NI PCI-6229 PCI Yes Yes No 16/32 differential/single ended
NI PCI-6221 PCI Yes No No 8/16 differential/single ended
NI PCIe-6323 PCI express Yes Yes Yes 16/32 differential/single ended
NI PCIe-6321 PCI express Yes No Yes 8/16 differential/single ended
USB devices USB2 Yes   Laptops larger selection

Behavior support analog inputs (eye tracking, analog lick sensors and other signals), analog outputs (can also be used like a digital output), digital outputs (timed reward delivery, LEDs, etc.), digital inputs (button press signals, signals from other computers, etc.). Digital input signals expect typical 5-volt logic (e.g., TTL, CMOS). The default analog input voltage range is +/- 10 volts (Check specifications for individual cards).

Event code support Up to 16 digital event codes + strobe output for sending event codes to data acquisition systems (e.g., Plexon, TDT, etc.). The digital outputs can be used for any purpose, but are typically used for event codes. Note, if you use the standard configuration these bits must be used as digital outputs, not inputs..

Installing National Instruments DAQ drivers

You may use the disk that came with your NI-DAQ card to install drivers, or you can download the latest NI-DAQmx drivers from the National Instruments website. If you choose to download the drivers, it will take time both for downloading the compressed file and to uncompress it.

After you obtain the drivers, run the setup.exe program. We recommend using the default directory suggested by the setup program. When prompted, choosing the "Typical" installation option will provide the necessary drivers for MonkeyLogic2. Advanced users who choose the "Custom" installation option should make sure that the "Measurement and Automation Explorer" feature gets installed.