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Laboratory of Neuropsychology

System Requirements

  • Matlab R2011a or later (32/64 Bit)
    • No additional toolbox is required
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable
  • Currently only National Instruments Multi-function I/O DAQ devices are supported.
  • Compatibility information between Windows and Matlab can be found on this Mathworks page.

Supported hardware:

  • Any device that can be connected to the computer via analog and digital interfaces of NI DAQ boards.
  • USB/serial joystick
  • Touchscreen (some touchscreens whose driver does not translate touches into mouse clicks are not compatible).

Tested Touch Screens:

  • 3M Microtouch MT7
  • ELO Touch 1937L Accutouch
  • 3M model 98000321814, 15" VGA *CRT* display