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Human Brain Collection Core

Human Brain Collection Core (HBCC)

The mission of Human Brain Collection Core (HBCC) within the National Institute of Mental Health, Division of Intramural Programs (NIMH IRP) is to conduct and support research on brain and behavior, with the goal of reducing the burden of mental illness. HBCC is a national resource, providing unique opportunities in mental health research.

To conduct this research we obtain human brain tissue, hair and blood samples from deceased individuals diagnosed with major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and their consequences (suicide) as well as from individuals without history of mental illness (used as controls). The tissues are obtained under protocols approved by the Combined Neuroscience Institutional Review Board (CNS IRB) and only with the permission of next-of-kin.

HBCC distributes samples to investigators approved by an NIMH Oversight Committee. We collect molecular and genetic data and disseminate the data to the scientific community. Information gained from this research will lead to better understanding of brain dysfunction in mental disorders and development of new therapeutic and preventive strategies.