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Grantsmanship Workshop

Grantsmanship Workshop Phase I:
Fundamental Principles of Grant Writing

This one day seminar will focus on how to generate novel ideas and how to prepare the application itself -- the following topics will be covered: Fundamentals of good grant proposal writing, general preparation, roles and responsibilities of the Extramural Program Officer and of the Scientific Review Administrator, the Career Development Awards, and the National Science Foundation Grant Award Programs.

Grantsmanship Workshop Phase II:
Preparation of the Specific Aims Page & the Significance Paragraph

This one day seminar will focus on how to prepare a Specific Aims Page and how to craft the Significance Paragraph for your grant submission. Participants will prepare a Specific Aims Page and Significance Paragraph in advance of the workshop and submit. Your submissions will be reviewed by a GWSW consultant and returned to you with extensive comments/editing. The workshop will focus on how to refine these documents to prepare them for a submission.

Grantsmanship Workshop Phase III:
Preparation of a Grant

This component of the workshop entails the writing of a new grant or revision of an existing grant application; for example a Foundation grant or an RO1 grant application using the PHS 398 application format. In addition to increasing the probability of success, these consultations are investments in the future: one-on-one interaction with Grant Writers' consultants is an excellent way to develop and refine long-term proposal-writing skills. Scheduling is individualized and designed to produce the best possible proposal. The service is applicable to fellows who want to maximize the likelihood of success on the first submission of their proposal; and to those who have submitted an unsuccessful application and need some 'extra' help making sure that the resubmitted proposal is as strong as possible. Consultations on NIH and NSF proposals help the applicant cope with the changes in format and content that have recently been made. Individual consultations are conducted by telephone, e-mail, fax and Skype-based teleconferencing.

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