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Science Communication Workshops and Seminars

The NIMH IRP Office of Fellowship Training (OFT) sponsors multiple science communication workshops and seminars for all NIMH IRP Fellows. Developing and improving your science communication skills can help you effectively relay your research findings to non-experts which can in turn lead to research support or funding.

Chalk Talks

Chalk Talks are an increasingly important component of science communication. Once reserved for academic interviews, they are now common in industry and for tenure-track positions, such as the NIH Earl Stadtman Investigators program. As such, NIMH Trainees need to know the components that make an effective chalk talk and then practice these skills ahead of time. Topics include: Connection to Job Talks; Relevance to Faculty; What to Draw; Levels of Detail; Anticipating Questions; Tone and Delivery.

Interview Skills Workshop

The NIMH IRP OFT is offering Intramural trainees the opportunity to participate in this highly interactive workshop. The Interview Skills workshop is designed to help scientists make a strong impression during all types of job interviews, including those over phone and Skype. The Interview Skills workshop focuses on the ten most common questions and how to formulate the best responses. The acquired techniques provide a basis for good communication for years to come.

Negotiation Skills Workshop

The Building Blocks of Internal Communication: More Options During Negotiations and Complicated Conversations

In this workshop you will discover a wider range of options when dealing with negotiations and complicated interpersonal conversations. You will explore what’s at stake, tips for managing emotions and reactivity, using mindfulness and neutrality as communication tools, as well as how we contribute to the complexity of the discussion. Also discussed, the basics of negotiations (job negotiations in particular) and creative strategies to find common ground for starting a meaningful dialogue. Other topics include how to say no, planning exit strategies, and how to build trust and long-term commitment.

Three-Minute Talks (TmT) Coaching and Competition

The NIMH IRP OFT flagship science communication workshop is the Three-Minute Talks (TmT), “Speaking About Science,” seminar, which offers tips on presentation delivery, speaking in plain language, and creating an effective visual aid. Intramural trainees (Postbac, Predoc, Postdoc, Visiting, Research and Clinical Fellows) in attendance are eligible to apply for the ensuing TmT Coaching and Competition series. In the coaching sessions fellows train to communicate in three minutes or less the substance of their research in such a way that it can be understood by a broad scientific audience.

TmT Competition finalists have the opportunity to present their three-minute talks at the NIMH IRP Fellows’ Annual Scientific Training Day

One on one TmT coaching sessions provides a safe and nurturing environment where you receive feedback on speech development and delivery. To inquire about receiving additional thirty-minute one on one coaching sessions, contact the Office of Fellowship Training at: 301-451-4512.

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