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IRP Fellows’ Scientific Training Day

Scientific Training Day is an annual meeting of the NIMH intramural research community that is hosted at an off-site location and showcases cutting-edge research conducted by postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, graduate students, and postbaccalaureate NIMH trainees. The major goals of training day are to facilitate interaction among trainees, promote future scientific collaborations, and instill a sense of community within the NIMH. This event also features career development workshops specifically tailored for NIMH trainees of all levels and presentations by distinguished scientists from the extramural research community and NIH. All intramural NIMH principal investigators, staff scientists, and staff clinicians are welcome to attend and connect with and exchange ideas with NIMH colleagues, trainees, and invited guests.

NIMH Scientific Training Day highlights include:

  • Renowned keynote speakers
  • Awards presentation and recognition honoring notable achievements of NIMH trainees and mentor of the year award
  • Oral scientific presentations by NIMH trainees
  • Poster research presentations by NIMH trainees
  • Scientific update that addresses the emerging biomedical needs of the mental health field by the NIMH director and senior leadership
  • Exhibitors that distribute information on training opportunities, programs, and resources available at NIH
  • Career development workshops: Breakout sessions featuring interactive panel discussions on career paths, preparing for a job search, interviewing, negotiating a job offer, and how to succeed in medical school and graduate school
  • Networking event (optional) that occurs in a social setting at the conclusion of the meeting

The NIMH IRP Fellows’ Scientific Training Day is organized and sponsored by the NIMH Postdoctoral Fellows Committee and the NIMH IRP Office of Fellowship Training. For additional information please contact: Dr. Janet Clark or Aneka Reid.