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Office of Intramural Research Administration

The Office of Intramural Research Administration is responsible for obtaining and managing the resources and services needed to operate the Intramural Research Program. OIRA plays a key role in maximizing utilization of financial and human resources, and performing a variety of management functions. OIRA STAFF also provides a wide range of administrative and operational support services:


  • Budget Planning and Tracking
  • Facility Operations and Renovations
  • Property and Inventory
  • Purchasing of Supplies, Equipment and Services
  • Space Floor Plan Design for Labs and Offices
  • Travel Management and Conferences
  • Workforce Management and Staffing
Organization chart for the NIMH Office of Intramural Research Administration (OIRA). The chart shows nine boxes summarizing the hierarchy of OIRA. At the top of the chart is a box showing the OIRA Director, Gwen Shinko. Serving under the Director is the Intramural Budget Office, Analysts Melissa Carpenter and Julia Battocchi; OIRA Management Analysts, Dorian Oliveira and Eva Kakoza and Acquisition Consultant Larry Chloupek; the Space and Facilities Team, Pat Williams, Kim Blackmon, Michael Moore, and Building 49 facilities liaison, John Hollingsworth; and the Technology Transfer Office, Specialists Jenny Wong and Charles Salahuddin. Also reporting to the Director is the Intramural Administrative Services Branch (IASB) Chief, Travis Speck. The IASB Branch is made up of three functional teams. The Intramural Administrative Office which has two team Leaders, Rollin Franks and Milton Kimbrough. They oversee the Administrative Officer and Administrative Tech Team, which includes nine Administrative Officers: Corie Bruins, Cynthia Drice, Nancy Gebhart, Caroline Hrvoj, Lakisha Hyde, Katie Iciek, Collen Maloy, Nikki Nelson, David Smith and an Administrative Tech, Ann McLeod. The Human Resource Team is made up of HR liaisons, Sara Mills, Renata Baginski and Jane Schriver; and the Property and Inventory Team, Property Specialists, Jason McEntee, Rodney Glass and David Tyler.

Gwen Shinko
Director of Office of Intramural Research Administration
35A Convent Drive, Suite GE416
Bethesda, MD 20892
Telephone: 301.402.9783