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Annual Computational Neuroscience (CNS) Meeting


Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

NIMH provided partial support for the 15th annual CNS meeting held in July, in Edinburgh, Scotland. CNS is an interdisciplinary field forging a link between neuroscience, computer science, physics, and applied mathematics. Computational neuroscience is also the primary theoretical method for investigating the function and mechanism of the nervous system. This meeting is the premier forum for presenting experimental and theoretical results exploring the biology of computation in the brain. More than 400 neuroscientists from 15 different countries attended. This year's meeting included sessions on neural coding and decoding, attention and memory, sensory and motor systems, plasticity and learning, and mechanisms of oscillations and synchrony. More than 20 workshops were held on the two days following the main meeting, with topics covering such diverse areas as cortical microcircuitry, stochastic dynamics of neurons and networks, interoperability of neural simulators, functional models of the hippocampal formation, and plasticity and stability of neural systems. For more information, please contact Dr. Dennis L. Glanzman.