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Resources for NIMH Emerging Research Investigators Workshop

NIMH Priorities

This section highlights priorities within the NIMH divisions that are relevant to pediatric mental health research.

Research Grants and Scientific Review

This section provides resources for submitting an application to NIMH. This section also includes information on the scientific review process that takes place after an application has been submitted.

General Information:

Select Program Announcements (PA) relevant to pediatric mental health researchers:

Career Pathway and Mentoring

The following resources provide information for new NIH investigators.

Research Plan and Methodology Issues

This section lists resources that focus on the development of the research plan.

  • Qualitative Methods in Health Research (PDF file, 24 pages)
  • Fisher, C.B., Hoagwood, K., Boyce, C., Duster, T., Frank, D.A., Grisso, T., et al., (2002) Research ethics for mental health science involving ethnic minority children and youths. American Psychologist, 57(12), 1024-40.

Human Subjects Issues

This section provides information on several NIMH policies relating to human subjects research.